New Feature: Competitions

This is a post about a new feature: Competitions.

I’ve started posting Competitions! When a new one comes around, I’ll put them in three places:

  • I’ll write something in the Forum with a link to this page and the blog post (although this won’t be very detailed),
  • I’ll put a post in the Blog with a link to this page and the Forum (this will be the same as what’s on this page),
  • and I’ll write about it here.

Subscribe on the Blog page to be notified about Competitions!

Competitions are a fun way to get your creativity flowing. They won’t be very specific — they’ll have one or two guidelines, perhaps a word count guide and a deadline.

Remember, you don’t have to take part in the actual Competition to do the exercise! You can do just for fun, or, if you missed the Competition, you can always do it in your own time. If you missed the deadline, you can still post your entries, or email them to me to be posted anonymously, but you won’t be able to win the Competition.

I’ll try my hardest to notify you of the upcoming Competition at least a week in advance, but won’t give the full details until the start of it (so that no one can sneak in some extra preparation). Check at the bottom of this page and of the Forum to look for upcoming Competitions. I won’t post about upcoming Competitions.

Rules for Competitions:

You should only enter once, even if there is more than one category. This is to give other people a chance to win!

In response to A Writer’s comment (I have an idea for my first sentence, but don’t know if it’s good enough yet. If I entered but then wanted to change my entry, could I change it even though you’re only allowed to enter once?):

Yes you can change your entry, but you should specify that you are changing an entry and not entering a second time — either use your original penname (if you gave one), or state roughly when (i.e. what day/week) you posted your entry if you wanted to remain anonymous, OR post your original entry on the same post as your updated entry (although please specify which is the old one!)

You can also decide that you want to submit a completely new entry (though again you should specify that you’ve already submitted something and that this is your new entry).

An example: Person A posts their first sentence for New Beginnings. Then they change this sentence to make it more tense. They’d called themselves Novel Author before, so wrote in their next comment: ‘I posted an original entry (by Novel Author) but wanted to change it; here’s my updated entry …

OR Person B posts a short scene about a new beginning on the 30th of November. Then they decide they actually wanted to post their first page of an already started novel. They wished to remain anonymous so, when updating their entry, wrote ‘I posted my original entry (a short scene about a new beginning) on Nov 30 but want to change it to the first page of my novel. This was my old entry: … Here’s my new entry: …

If you want to enter the Competition, there are four ways to enter:

  • Post your entry on the Competition page, with the Competition’s title and starting date
  • Post your entry in the Forum, with the Competition’s title and starting date
  • Post your entry on the blog post that mentions the specific Competition (there will be a link to this post on this page)
  • Email me your entry at [email soon to be added!] if you don’t want it to be publicly posted, or want it to be posted anonymously — you should specify in the email which one is your preference. For contact information, and how to contact me without commenting publicly, check the Contact page.

I understand that some people will prefer writing on paper to writing on a computer/phone etc.. If you’re writing on paper and don’t want to type it out in order to post, take a photo of your entry and email it to me. If for whatever reason you can’t send me a picture, you can always type out your entry and post it.

You should tell me how you want to be called (i.e. a penname — DON’T USE YOUR REAL NAME!), or write ‘Anonymous’ if you don’t want people to know who wrote it. If you’re commenting, you have to write your name, so write your penname there.

You should be considerate of younger and more sensitive readers. If you have an entry that might be, for example, too scary for sensitive viewers, you should either email it to me instead of posting, or write a warning at the beginning of your post.

The top three entries will be posted (unless you specify that you don’t want it to be publicly posted — even if you are emailing, you should still specify this). Unfortunately I can’t give any material prizes, but the satisfaction of winning is great!

Obviously it takes time to judge the entries of a Competition, so it might be a while before I say who the winners are. I won’t post new Competitions until the last one has a winner.

I might also ask other people to judge, but as I’m doing this blog on my own, other people might not be available.

Stay tuned for new Competitions! Don’t forget you can subscribe on the Blog for reminders about Competitions!

To look at all posts to do with Competitions, head here. To check for their winners, click here.

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One thought on “New Feature: Competitions

  1. I’ve just posted my FIRST Competition! Look on the Competitions Page or on the Blog post called ‘COMPETITION: New Beginnings’ to find out more!!! But please don’t post any entries here — read the post above to find out where to post your entries!


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