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As with anything, this couldn’t be possible without help. People have inspired me to write and as a result I have been able to make this website.



The author I write with sometimes, and one of my closest friends.

We were at a youth club at the church our families go to (called Xcite) when Bella first discovered I was a writer. Since then, we’ve started writing Silver Linings, Mayflower and many more books together! She was also the creator of Somellenna, our story blog!

My family

Especially my brother and parents.

They not only give me nice food and a warm place to live, but also encourage me to keep writing. YOU ROCK!


Especially the librarian and the leader of my writing club.

The leader of creative writing club has helped me start and continue my books. The librarian encourages me to keep writing, no matter what. And many other teachers at my school have volunteered to read my books!

Websites have both inspired me to write, and given me the ability to make this blog!


Where I created my blog.

I didn’t know how to create a website at all, but WordPress explains it so well that even someone as terrible at tech as me can work it out! Click here to go to the WordPress site! It was especially helpful because it offered me a free domain name and plan, so I can have this blog even though I don’t have enough money to pay for certain plans.

Which motivated me to write no matter what!

I wasn’t very motivated to write a lot until I discovered NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which is November). They also have a Camp in April and July, and a Young Writer’s Program! I’d really recommend it, especially if you want to write a longer book but aren’t motivated enough. And another great thing is, it’s FREE!

Image courtesy of NaNoWriMo

Where I found out about NaNoWriMo!

Before I was ready to write 50,000 words in one month (!) I found it helpful to use, which is a site that encourages you to write 750 words (surprising, I know!) a day. Unfortunately it’s not free (although it isn’t expensive either), so I couldn’t pay for it, so I only got it for the free trial month. I’d still really recommend it! Especially if you want to get into the habit of writing something short every day. There’s something thrilling about getting the 30-days-in-a-row badge!

I’m really grateful for what these people and websites, as well as many others, have done to help me with my writing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

About the Blogger

I’ve been writing since I was very young and have been writing proper books since about eight or nine years old. Almost ten years later I’m still really enjoying it. Although I’m not perfect at writing (and it’s reassuring that no one is), I do have some experience of what things work (or don’t work) for me and I’ve written some of them on this blog to inspire you to keep writing. I hope you find it helpful!

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