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A Writing Pal

I’ve got something different to post today!

If you’ve read my other posts, you will probably know by now that I write with a friend of mine. There are a lot of different perspectives about the idea of writing with a friend, so I’d like to share my opinions on the matter.

So what are the advantages?

  • As they say, two heads are better than one. I’m not overly amazing at character development as well as some other aspects of creative writing, yet what I lack in this, the person I write with brings.
  • It’s nice to write with a friend who also likes writing. Even though we don’t like exactly the same kind of genres and books, we enjoy writing and writing together.
  • If you’re not feeling creative or don’t have any ideas, you can rely on your friend to help. Either you can ask them for creative advice, or wait for them to add a new scene to your book, which could spark some ideas.
  • On the humour side of things: we now have a lot of inside jokes! Although I’m not particularly funny, I do like to laugh. I think it was for my fourteenth birthday that my friend sent me a birthday card with a ‘happy birthday’ not only from her but also from all our major protagonists, referring to some aspect that made them stand out which made me laugh.
  • Now that we’re editing, it’s fairly easy to send our books to each other. Any edits made are generally quite minor (although we are planning of rewriting) so we don’t usually have to wait for the other person to resend us the book.
  • You can also ask for advice and feedback on your own books. I write some books by myself, and if ever I’m unsure of something, I can turn to my friend for help. If The Chronicles of Haven get published, if you enjoy reading about the Travellers, thank my writing pal for giving me the idea!

That’s not to say there aren’t rough times, too. The main issue we face is communication.

  • Because they’re in the year above me, for the last few years it’s either been the case that they’ve had an important exam year, or I have. This means that we haven’t had much time to write together.
  • It’s difficult when I need a question answered in order to continue with writing, but the person I write with isn’t able to answer because they’re busy with work.
  • This is also the case with sending our books to each other (while you’re still writing for the first time) — once you’ve sent it to the other person, it’s difficult to add your own edits, because when they send the book back, it will have new edits. One way we are planning to sort this out is by using google docs rather than Word — it means we don’t have to keep emailing the book to each other and we can see the other person’s edits.

We have been writing together for over five years now, and although sometimes communication takes a while, I still really enjoy it. Even when writing our books is slow, I like having my own projects which I can continue with when we haven’t got any ideas for our books. I would really recommend writing with a friend to anyone who’s considering it.

Have you ever written with someone else? If you have, what were the good and bad parts of it? What was your process for sharing your work?

If you haven’t written with someone else before, would you consider it? Who would you most like to write with?

If you liked this post, why not check out Somellenna, the blog my friend created for our books?

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