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‘New’ blogs! Somellenna and another blog coming soon!

I’d just like to tell you about our ideas for the future of this site, and all sites related to it. Somellenna will now be for the more informal, having-fun-writing-stories-about-our-characters kinda site. This is how the site is already, but this idea is more official now. I’m also going to be starting a site, Joanna and Bella’s Books, about the more formal, advertisement side of our books. It will give information about our books and series.

New Feature: Viewer’s Creative Writing!

Recently one of the people in my creative writing club gave me some of their work so that I could post it on my blog. So I’ve decided that it’s only fair if you get this option, too. You can ask me to post any work, regardless of whether it’s related to this website or not, as long as it is creative writing.

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Introduction to the Writer’s Jargon Dictionary!

This is one of the sections I’ll be addressing! This is a glossary for all those words writers use that you just don’t know the meaning of. I’ve probably missed some of them out, because I’ve got used to them now, but if you want to know the meaning of a word, comment below or in the Forum!

Introduction to Writer’s Block Cures!

This is one of the sections I’ll be addressing! If you’ve ever written (or tried to write) a book, you’ll probably have come across a feeling commonly known as writer’s block. (I know I have.) Especially if you really enjoy writing, it can be incredibly annoying. So I’ve come up with some ideas that might help. You can use them as they are or change them to create your own Writer’s Block Cure ideas. You can use characters, settings etc. from your books or make up some more.

Introduction to Getting To Know Your Characters!

This is one of the sections that I’ll be addressing! Getting To Know Your Characters is a series of ideas I’ve come up with to help you find out about your characters. Just like real people, characters are complex beings, and can’t be defined by one simple trait. Throughout a novel, characters change, just as people change.