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Comments and Comment Moderation

Please take a moment to read our comment guidelines.

I have a few comment guidelines for my blog, and I’d like you to read through them before commenting. If you repeatedly disobey them, you might find yourself blocked from commenting, and that would be a real shame.

  • Comments without substance will likely be deleted. This includes one-word comments like ‘Awesome’ or ‘Thanks’. While the positive feedback is appreciated, it would be nice if you could explain what you liked, and why. This will help me improve my site.
  • Advertisements will be deleted. I don’t want the comments space to be taken up by advertisements of other (especially unrelated) sites. If you have a suggestion for a book or website that people can use for writing help, please post a comment on that specific post.
  • Many comments from one author in quick succession will likely be merged. I understand you may think of something to add after posting a comment, but repeatedly commenting takes up space, and stops other people’s comments from being noticed. Please try to make sure you’ve written all you want to say when commenting. If repeatedly commenting looks like possible spam, you may be blocked from commenting in future.
  • Comments that go too far off-topic will be deleted. This is simply because I want to keep the comment space for topic-related questions and feedback.
  • Rude or unkind comments will be edited or deleted. Not only can these be hurtful, but other younger or more sensitive viewers may read your comments. Please be mindful of this.

If a comment is moderated, I’ll say so after editing.

About the Blogger

I’ve been writing since I was very young and started my first proper book when I was about eight or nine years old. Almost ten years later I’m still really enjoying it. Although I’m not perfect at writing (and it’s reassuring that no one is), I do have some experience of what things work (or don’t work) for me and I’ve written some of them on this blog to inspire you to keep writing. I hope you find it helpful!

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I have to balance this blog with writing and school work, as well as other things, so please be patient if I don’t reply quickly!