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Introduction to the Writer’s Jargon Dictionary!

This is one of the sections that I’ll be addressing! In this section, I’ll give definitions for all the confusing words that writers use that no one recognises. For example:

  • Persons
  • POV
  • Protagonist

(Yes, it’s just a coincidence.)

If there’s any writing-related word you need to know the meaning of, comment, or ask in the Forum!

To check for posts in these categories, as well as many others, check the main Blog page, or head to the blog feed!

This is a glossary for all those words writers use that you just don’t know the meaning of. I’ve probably missed some of them out, because I’ve got used to them now, but if you want to know the meaning of a word, comment below or in the Forum!

I’ll also be writing posts about the other main sections:

to explain what sections I’ll be going through.

(There isn’t a link to the last one yet because I haven’t posted it.)

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I love writing fiction (especially fantasy). I’m not published yet, but I’ve had quite a bit of experience in writing and know it can be really hard to stick with it, especially with work or school. My blog, The Writing Website (, has some ideas to help you become the best writer you can be.

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