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My First Creative Writing Tip! The Hook

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First sentences, first paragraphs, first pages and first chapters need to be gripping. They’re often described as the ‘hook’.

If your first chapter is boring, the likelihood is your readers are going to put the book down, and they won’t get to discover what amazing stories lie afterwards!

Are you happy with the first chapter/scene of your book? Try and distance yourself from your book (you might find this easier if you leave it for a week or two then come back to it) and think, if you didn’t know what was going to happen, would you want to read on past the end of Chapter One?

If the answer is no, then try to rewrite it!

Make your reader ask questions. What is he doing? Why did she do that? Why did they just say that? How will this character react? Make them want to know what is going to happen next.

Some Examples:

These are my personal favourite ‘hooks’ from my own books. I’ve written if any other authors are writing the book with me.

“Run! Don’t wait, run! Run…” (Reyla and Hara Unnamed Idea, Book One)

Golden Thread is almost unbreakable.
But only almost. (The Character’s Story, Book One)

I can still remember what he said. He has run to the trees, which are already shrouded in darkness. He said to me:
“This is the beginning of the end.” (Maddie and Luke Unnamed Idea, Book One)

I was falling. Again. I didn’t think I would ever stop. (Scarlet Lily, Book Two of The Chronicles of Haven)

I woke up that morning, unaware that today would be the day that would change my life. (Heart of Gold, Book One)

He feels like a dead man. (Mayflower, with Bella — Bella wrote this part)

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