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Time To Write

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Procrastination is my middle name. But at the moment, even though I’m still doing some work, I have an enormous amount of time on my hands, so I’m able to get started on projects that I was planning on doing ‘later’. (That’s procrastinator speak for never, for all you non-procrastinators out there.) Not all of you will have more free time, but for those of you who want something to do, I’ve got a suggestion.

Now’s a great time to really get stuck into writing. If you’ve ever considered writing seriously, whether short or long books, you’ll know it can take a massive amount of time and commitment. And I know from experience that rereading your work after a while can be… frustrating. I started one of my books about eight years ago, decided to really put some work into it three or four years later, finished it about two years ago, and basically haven’t done anything to it since then. I reread it a few months ago, and…

Let’s just say I’ve come a long way as a writer.

That’s an encouragement for me now, but if I ever want to get that monstrosity published, I’m gonna have to edit it A LOT. As in rewrite it.

So that’s what I’m suggesting to you. I’m not suggesting rewrite your WHOLE book (unless you really want to of course). If you’ve got any scenes in your book that you don’t like, or you want to have a fresh start at a book, now’s the time. Successful authors have to do this too! If you wrote something a while ago, come back to it. If you’ve kept writing other stories since you finished it, then you’ll have improved since you wrote it! That’s my strategy for editing in general, too. Once you’re ready to edit, leave your book for a while (a week at least but I’d suggest longer), then come back to it. And if you really need to, rewrite some parts.

If you have any more questions about this suggestion, or advice for other writers on it, comment below, email me (at or say something in the Forum! If commenting on this post in the Forum, or emailing me, please write the title (Time To Write) so we know what you’re referring to!


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