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When Writer’s Block Strikes…

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At the moment some of you might have a little extra time for writing. But if you’re anything like me, it’s at the precise moment you get a spare moment that the dreaded Writer’s Block comes on you. (And it disappears as soon as holidays end and work begins. Funny that.) So I’m (hopefully) going to be posting a few Writer’s Block Cures over the next week or so.

My first one is a suggestion for a short scene. You can either use this to add on to your book, or to help you with development of your characters or settings, or just to help improve your writing skills.

Here’s the prompt:

You’ve come back to the place you grew up, but you haven’t been here in such a long time everything seems strange. What has changed since you were last here? Has anything stayed the same? Do you see anyone you know? If you do, do they acknowledge you? Where do you go first? Are you here for any reason other than seeing this place again? If you are, what is your reason for being here? Do you speak to anyone? Now that you’ve come back after all this time, do you miss this place, or are you glad you moved?

An Example:

This example was written by someone from my creative writing club.

I remember everything about this place. Before it was like this, at least. Now, the sweet scent of the meadow is full of industrial smoke, rising into the air like a great storm cloud. I can’t see anyone I know, only the young, new workers of the factory. The first place I go to is the reception to check I haven’t missed my old enemy. I need him more than I have ever needed anything; I hate it. Speaking to no one, I stride confidently down the corridor, my head high. I am so glad that I was forced from this place by the government. It had turned out to be the better path.

If you have any more questions about this suggestion, or advice for other writers on it, comment below, email me (at or say something in the Forum! If commenting on this post in the Forum, or emailing me, please write the title (When Writer’s Block Strikes) so we know what you’re referring to!


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