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New Feature: Viewer’s Creative Writing!

Recently one of the people in my creative writing club gave me some of their work so that I could post it on my blog. So I’ve decided that it’s only fair if you get this option, too. You can ask me to post any work, regardless of whether it’s related to this website or not, as long as it is creative writing.

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Example From Creative Writing Club!

I shared my website with the people in my creative writing club today! And one of the students gave me one of their short stories to share with you. If you have any feedback on this extract, comment below, email me (at or say something in the Forum!

Protagonist’s Best Friend

Write how your protagonist and their best friend or their closest ally met. Did they become friends immediately? Did they dislike each other at first? Were they forced into working with each other? Were they old school friends? Is your protagonist’s best friend imaginary? Are they the protagonist’s pet, or an animal of some kind?

My First Creative Writing Tip! The Hook

First sentences, first paragraphs, first pages and first chapters need to be gripping. They’re often described as the ‘hook’. If your first chapter is boring, the likelihood is your readers are going to put the book down, and they won’t get to discover what amazing stories lie afterwards!