Protagonist’s Best Friend

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Write how your protagonist and their best friend or their closest ally met.

Did they become friends immediately?

Did they dislike each other at first?

Were they forced into working with each other?

Were they old school friends?

Is your protagonist’s best friend imaginary?

Are they the protagonist’s pet, or an animal of some kind?

An Example:

This example was written by someone from my creative writing club.

I remember the day we met very clearly. It was ten years ago, and that chance meeting would change my life forever.
It was my last day of school and I was having the time of my life. A party was held for the sixth form in our school every year with NO teachers, NO parents and NO rules. I was swaying to the music dizzily, my senses useless, as I staggered across the dancefloor after who knows how many glasses of wine, when I tripped over my long, sweeping dress. Huge bear arms caught me, and I lazily looked up at my saviour. There was something I noticed in that moment, something that caught my eye. His face, unlike the rest of the world, was clear and focussed. My mouth dropped slightly, and I leaned into him longingly. Pushing me away, he smiled and told me to be more careful. I nodded, my eyes not leaving his for a second. But then he was gone, and the world was a blur again. But I never forgot his face, I never stopped searching for him, and now we are finally together.

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